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Trial and regular Express subscription FAQ

How to start trial subscription

Fill up the form with your data and complete checkout. We will contact you and set up Trello / Slack / Email connection with our video producer. Trial subscription period means 7-day period when you have a right to request a full refund if you aren't fully satisfied with results.

100% refund guarantee

7-day trial period is when you decide if our service fits your needs. If you aren't satisfied with results - we will make a 100% refund.

Billing period

Our service is delivered month-to-month for a flat monthly rate.

Upfront payment

If trial period is free, why do we need to collect a prepayment? To ensure that our service will be used with serious intentions.

Trial period guidelines

Trial period is actual only for 'Express' subscription.
You will be able to make 1 video request and 3 revision requests during 7-day period.
1 request = 1 video, up to 15 seconds in length + 3 revisions. Video files will be provided with watermark.

Videos During Trial

During your trial, you will receive videofiles with a watermark on them.

When regular plan starts after trial?

Once you are happy with all the work we did during trial period you may immediately start regular subscription and get all the files without watermarks. Let us know if you are ready to stop trial period and activate a paid plan.

What types of animated videos can I request?

Short video ads for social networks, e-commerce product videos, app & website previews, promotional videos (event, corporate etc.), simple infographics, logo animation.
Actually the list is very approximate, as video producer can make any type of animated video for your needs. Main rule for 'Express' plan is complexity of videos. It should be simple.

What kind of audio will we get for videos?

We use royalty free tracks for music. For voice over we use speech synthesizer or you may provide us your audio recordings and we will add it.

Prohibited content

Your requests should not violate legal laws. No drugs, no violence and etc..

Subscription cancellation

You may cancel your subscription anytime, just let us now.
However, refunds are actual only during trial period.