Press Release

Last updated 12 February, 2023

Amidst a digitally-driven era, a revolutionary video design startup introduces a game-changing business model. Designed to serve both communities and enterprises, ULTIMATEVIDEO operates under the Design as a Service (DAAS) umbrella, offering a fixed monthly rate for on-demand video design and motion graphics.

Through the ULTIMATEVIDEO platform, customers may get unlimited video design services via a simple monthly subscription. Perfect for startups, companies and overloaded individuals seeking frequent video content, these services surpass conventional motion graphics. Tailored to content creators requiring personalized, on-demand video design, and cost-effective solutions for startups and marketing agencies, ULTIMATEVIDEO stands at the forefront of innovative video marketing design solutions.

Unlimited Video Design Services
The ULTIMATEVIDEO platform powers an array of remote video design services, all delivered on-platform for review and download. Services encompass branding videos, explainers, infographics, advertising videos, social media content, promotional videos, and more! Subscribers receive unlimited design projects and revisions, with a dedicated designer, all within the platform.

Pricing & Benefits
Subscription options include the Startup Plan at 690$ and Startup Plan at $1290/month, all offering unlimited design, revisions, stock video access, and more. Flexible pricing also includes a 10% discount on quarterly plans and 15% on yearly plans. The commitment is non-binding, with a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Advantages & Conclusion
ULTIMATEVIDEO's model streamlines workflow, enabling content creators and agencies to focus on core tasks. Startups gain valuable time for strategy, and marketing firms can optimize campaigns. This subscription-based video design model addresses modern business needs, offering cost-effective professionalism and accessibility.

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